DURA has started production at 1993 on Aluminium joinery accessories. At the end of 90’s the roller shutter accessories and fly screen systems are also added to its product range.

As of 2008 Dura has expanded its business activities into retailing and distributing of PVC doors and Windows accessories and became one of the leading companies.

In 2014 Dura has invested in Aluminium extrusion systems and built a new factory in the following year. Now Dura has one 1650mt, 6 inch Aluminium extrusion machine and producing Aluminium profiles for automotive, industrial products, doors, windows, facade and furniture sectors, averagely 5000 tons per year.

In the factory also there are surface treatment processes. We have 300 tones capacity coating plant with all the quality certificates and can do every kind and different type of coatings. Again 500 tones capacity anodizing plant we are able to make surface treating in various kinds of colors and technical details.

In 2016 we have added mechanical profile processing units. Now we have ability to do machining every kind of profile with our full automatic machinery park.

With 9 plastic injections machinery we are producing plastic products especially for PVC Windows and door systems accessories.

Having more than 300 business partners in domestic markets as well as 25 different countries including Germany and Canada Dura is continuing its activities to be one of the best in its field.